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02/24/2007 - IIS 6.0 training

This last week I attended IIS 6.0 training (MS 2576A) that was offered by Interface Technical Training out of Phoenix, AZ. I've gotta say that I wasn't disappointed, even though I've been elbow-deep i [read more ...]

Tags: training props

02/17/2007 - Made By America

Now, I'm not someone to normally write about Britney Spears. I would usually much rather keep Britney, as well as numerous other purveyors of fluffy american pap music (er.... I mean pop music) as far [read more ...]

Tags: humor pop-culture

02/10/2007 - Adventures in Databinding

Here are a couple of ASP.Net databinding / formatting tricks I've picked up recently: 1. I recently had to bind to a telephone number in a GridView that was stored in the database as a 10-c [read more ...]

Tags: development tech