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Seaweed Snacks / New Design Forthcoming

Posted: 07/11/2006 01:22 AM | permaLink

Tags: web-design jthm

Many thanks to Claudia for the awesome gift box containing seaweed snacks, JTHM director's cut!!! SO COOL!, and old-school science fiction!

(Note: DO NOT go to looking for the official Johnny the Homicidal Maniac website. Try instead.)

Lately, I'm bored with my current design (Dunno if you noticed, but I changed out the background graphic completely today), so I've decided that I'm going to re-design this website to look like a punk rock band poster. So don't be surprised if you come back one day and a chaotic mess appears on-screen.

Speaking of chaotic, I've got a really busy couple of weeks ahead. So, don't think I'm dead if you don't hear from me until August!

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