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Guardians of the Furry

Posted: 05/24/2008 03:00 PM | permaLink

Tags: personal springtime squirrels

Picture of baby squirrels.

It’s been a while! I have been really, REALLY busy, so I thought I should seize this three-day weekend to do some catch-up, i.e. post a blog entry before the month of May slips away...

First, I should let you know that I am moving this blog to a new website at the end of the summer: I didn’t link it here because the domain currently points nowhere. I am almost done with the design for the new site, and am pleased to say that it’s different than anything I have designed in the past. Maybe I’ll post a screenshot soon.

I also finished up on a months-long project I was working on for an associate... a good feeling! So, I’m devoting the summer to working on personal projects, such as the above-mentioned website and a new version of my online I-Ching: The Oracle of Changes application.

Last Saturday, a litter of six baby squirrels popped up from a hole in our front yard. I must say, they are very cute and photogenic. (I normally don’t care for squirrels, but I have a weak spot for the baby ones.) I think they might be orphans because I haven’t seen the mother yet. So, my girlfriend and I have been looking after them when we can, fending off the marauding neighborhood cats and such.

Well, that’s all for now. I will return for another post in June. See ya!

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