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03/20/2008 - For Performance Issues, Firebug Rocks

Do you want real, ultimate, client-side debugging power? Get Firebug today. This week I tackled some performance issues with my new weblog. I had noticed that the weblog took an awfully long time to load. So, I navigated to my weblog and launched Firebug [read more ...]

Tags: development firebug tools

03/16/2008 - Birthday Loot!

Left: AudioSource Db5 mobile speakers. Right: Flying Alarm Clock. I received some excellent birthday loot this year. I hear that I have more on the way, too. Thanks everybody! Pictured here: AudioSource Db5 Personal Stereo Speakers The spe [read more ...]

Tags: personal humor holiday

03/04/2008 - Developer in Isolation Seeks Brain Candy

I turn 31 tomorrow! Another year gone by - and I'm still just a big kid. When will I finally grow up? Never, hopefully. I took the day off and the party begins TONIGHT. In Need of Variety My current [read more ...]

Tags: development web-design inspiration