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Four on the Floor for the Fourth

Posted: 07/05/2006 01:26 AM | permaLink

Tags: development holiday joomla

Another vacation day that I spent working instead of slacking off! (Slaps self) Being that it's a holiday and all, I'm getting ready to sign off the computer for the evening.

I've been developing a template for a Joomla! website lately. (Joomla! is an open-source Content Management System written with PHP and MySQL. I think I am in love with it.)

I decided to go table-less (i.e. semantic code, CSS layout and positioning) on the Joomla! template, and as a result, I am struggling with all manner of IE-specific CSS bugs. Again.

I'm going to have to write a punk rock song about working too much, I think.

Either that, or organize a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for making mine and other web developers' lives hell trying to write W3C standards-compliant websites that work in IE.

Shit. I need a beer.

Later folks, and remember: Patriotism != Nationalism. The greatest patriots of this country were first dissidents.

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