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12/24/2006 - Fish Heads.

Okay, SOMEBODY sent me a link to the Fish Heads video on this morning, with the expressed intention that I view the video before I had coffee this morning. EVIL! I must admit that the vide [read more ...]

Tags: humor blog weird rant

12/17/2006 - Message Board Madness

I'm planning on placing a small message board app on my website, but I have a small dillemma: shell out some bux to the web hosting company for SQL Server access, or write an XML data layer for my for [read more ...]

Tags: photo sql forum

12/09/2006 - The Weekend Wire

It's Saturday morning here in Santa Fe, and I feel unusually energetic. My girlfriend had a class this morning, so I'm killing time by playing some loud music and drinking plenty of black coffee. (B [read more ...]

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