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Tales of a Game Addict

Posted: 07/29/2006 11:04 PM | permaLink

Tags: gaming travel

My girlfriend and I returned from Wyoming this week. We had a great trip, and it was a helluvalotta fun to meet my aunt Belle! She is an extremely interesting and cool person!

In fact, we didn't end up doing any of the typical Frontier Days stuff... I was having way too much fun getting to know my aunt and drinking WAY too much coffee! I did take a bunch of pictures though, and I will be (hopefully) posting those to Flickr soon (see below for explanation of procrastination).

I thought I would take the weekend to catch up on work (both computer-based and more mundane stuff) but that really hasn't happened yet, because I am hopelessly addicted to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. Has anyone else played this?? Is it not the most addictive game you've ever played?? If you don't hear from me in a week, send help. Seriously.


Posted: 07/21/2006 06:58 PM | permaLink

Tags: humor travel frontier-days punk-rock

Ho ho. I am now officially halfway through Friday, and then I am On Vacation for an entire week.

Hell yes.

This country boy is returning to his Wyoming roots for a few days of rootin' tootin' cowboy fun. (Actually, I am not really a cowboy. More of a western-infuenced miscreant - which would actually qualify me as a cowboy in some, but not all, social circles.)

Dunno if I will have internet access up there, but I plan on posting pictures from my trip to my Flickr account.

Hmmm, the thought of a real cowboy vacation inspires me to poetry. Namely, someone else's poetry. How 'bout Urban Struggle by the Vandals?

I want to be a Cowboy - I got to be a Cowboy - I'm born to be a Cowboy - I want to be a Cowboy - A Cowboy! Uh-huh

Tonight we're taking me fast car - Were gonna go down to the Cowboy bar - I'm gonna wait till the club is full - and I'm gonna ride the mechanical bull

Refrain: Cowboy look is the one I sought - Can't change now cause the clothes are bought - To be a true Cowboy was my fate - I can't help it if I was born late

All the Cowgirls in their Stetson hats - and their tight fitting jeans so they don't look fat - We'll all be listening to the Cowboy tunes - and stomp around like a bunch of goons

[ refrain.... ]

We're all OD'd on the Olden West - seein' who's Cowboy clothes look the best - I can ride that phony bull so damn good - Sometimes I think I'm Clint Eastwood

[ refrain... ]

I know I'm a Cowboy deep inside - My hat band's made out of synthetic rattle snake hide - After a couple shit kickin' Cowboy movies - I'll check out the Cowboy scene down at Zubie's

[ refrain... ]

Find out who all fights the best - We start fights with them punks at the Cuckoo's Nest - Those damn punks are crazy(though) - and meaner than a bull at a rodeo

[ refrain... ]

You call me an Urban clone of course - A big deal if I'm afraid to ride a horse - With a broken nose and a fucked up knee - Maybe this Cowboy scene just ain't for me

I couldn't make it as a punker....

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