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11/19/2005 - Bob Woodward, Deep Throating Again

I don't know whether to be amused or disturbed, but the current U.S. CIA Leak debacle is definitely getting interesting. Oh, and by the way, the official title of this scandalous nugget of future his [read more ...]

Tags: politics

11/09/2005 - Das Blog

I just checked out a product called Das Blog that I found about from the bio pages of my new Wrox Press ASP .Net 2 book (grin). Runs on .Net 1.1, is xml-driven... kinda like the utility I wrote for t [read more ...]

Tags: development dotnet

11/06/2005 - Blogly Challenged

Okay, so I wrote my own blog utility without really knowing what I was getting into... and now I'm seeing a need to add features, such as blogroll... pingback... rss feed... bleh. I should just break [read more ...]

Tags: development

11/04/2005 - A Sense of Humility

In the IT Industry, and web development/design in general, I think it is really important to maintain a strong sense of humility. In the aftermath of the November 1st CSS reboot, I will say that my ho [read more ...]

Tags: css design soapbox

11/01/2005 - Rebooted.

Well, November 1st has come, and my webstite has been rebooted. New features include: re-vamp of existing (Grey Zen) design, and the addition of three new themes. (see the new top menu.) Wrote a cust [read more ...]

Tags: development design i-ching