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Margarita Tour

Posted: 11/01/2009 03:32 PM | permaLink

Tags: santa-fe margaritas autumn

Autumn has taken hold in Santa Fe. My front yard attests to that, being completely blanketed in fallen leaves which I have no immediate desire to go out and rake up! (Lazy.) Anyway, it was a busy summer, and my girlfriend and I almost missed our chance to indulge in a standard summer ritual: our informal margarita tour.

Our favorite margarita spot is the same place most Santa Fe locals would guess: Maria's. In terms of both variety and quality, we weren't disappointed. This year, I was drinking the "Silver Bullet", and two of them left me feeling quite nice.

We checked out a couple of other local joints with mixed reviews. I won't name those places sinceĀ  you can get a margarita pretty much anywhere in Santa Fe and the drink has to be really good to stand out. I will mention, however two other places that have done right by me in the past with regard to margaritas: The Cowgirl is one: I usually get a frozen margarita there since they serve it in a nice, tall frosty mug. I've had their house margarita as well, which isn't bad. The atmosphere is really western there and if you go in the wintertime, you can sit next to a wood stove.

The second place I'll mention is Tomasita's. (I couldn't find a website for it.) I've had margaritas there before that I bought by the pitcher with some friends. They were delicious and Tomasita's offers some varity in tequilas. I've heard they they offer a frozen margarita with a swirl of sangria, which sounds awesome but I've never tried it.

One other place in Santa Fe that I've had a good margarita at is Del Charro. Its prices are reasonable and they give you the shaker with some extra margarita in it along with your drink. That ain't half bad!

Now that the harvest season is upon us, I'm doing my best to get into the seasonal spirit. I bought some good scotch, which is a start. Have a happy fall and wintertime!
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