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06/28/2006 - The Santa Fe Conference

In Santa Fe, I've noticed a unique phenomenon that I will call the Santa Fe Conference. Basically, the term describes an instance when, two parties that know one another meet while driving opposite d [read more ...]

Tags: rant encounters santa-fe

06/18/2006 - Fonts I Have Loved

Century Gothic. Yum! I wish I could use it in web pages... sadly it is not ubiquitous yet. Bank Gothic MD BT. You will see this font on A LOT of photoshop and flash items I've created. Tahoma. Maybe a [read more ...]

Tags: fonts geek-love

06/09/2006 - IE 5.5 / New Portfolio

Help! I've noticed a lot of IE 5.5 visitors in my logs lately. So, I'm really curious as to how my site actually looks with IE 5.5 (I didn't test the site with that version). I also haven't seen how i [read more ...]

Tags: development browser css

06/06/2006 - Get your WWJD Thong Today!

I'm salivating as I'm typing this post, because Lisa is cooking up veal in the kitchen.... I've never actually had veal before, but it smells dee-licious. If you're into satirical humor, you might wan [read more ...]

Tags: humor religion

06/02/2006 - Friday, Friday....

I got a wild idea on Sunday to do a Flash version of my portfolio. It's not done yet, but take a look. I think it's got potential. Other than that, t's been quiet on the home front, and busy at work [read more ...]

Tags: whiskey work flash