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Jeff's Week In Review

Posted: 10/22/2007 12:00 AM | permaLink

Tags: whiskey humor encounters

Sunday: Accosted by a fake Scottish hobo outside Smith's. Says he: 'I'm from Scotland and I'm here to kick your a**! He ends up bumming a cigarette, mumbling at me for a while, and is finally shooed away by a manager for drinking beer. But not before telling me, 'You're a very pretty man.'

Wednesday: Co-worker plays Linkin Park loudly. Co-worker also defiantly refuses to lower volume. Jeff becomes annoyed and begins plotting digital revenge... BWAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday: Statewide meeting, and my first trip to Rio Rancho! (Ugly). Emergency lunchtime trip to Albertson's for deodorant. Motivational speaker somehow makes me feel WORSE about myself. Whiskey, the very same evening.

Friday: Dinner at Masa Sushi. The heart attack rolls live up to their namesake (Well, technically, acid reflux. Don't want to worry any relatives here.) Nonetheless, the delicious food leaves me with the 'warm fuzzies' and a distended stomach. Lisa buys the third installment of Hellsing. I smoothly talk her into buying the copy that comes in a metal case and with a vacuum-molded Father Alexander Anderson Super-Creepy plaque (For the collector's value, of course). We play the DVD and revel in the scary vampire freaky monster-ness.

Saturday: I defer self-hygiene tasks until Moment of Clarity arrives. Cartoons, and many, many Calories are consumed. Mildly freakish behavior - all in fun.

Today: All is well in the land of the lost... Snow is falling early in Santa Fe, and it's a fine day to stay inside, drink hot tea and bask in free movie channel previews with Lisa. I'm left only with one nagging decision:

Whiskey or Wine with dinner?

The Santa Fe Conference

Posted: 06/28/2006 11:41 PM | permaLink

Tags: rant encounters santa-fe

In Santa Fe, I've noticed a unique phenomenon that I will call the Santa Fe Conference. Basically, the term describes an instance when, two parties that know one another meet while driving opposite directions down the same street. Said parties will both stop next to one another, close enough to exchange a handshake. Sometimes, however, the conference will last for a long-ass time... pissing off those who happen to trapped behind them.

Just an observation.

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