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10/25/2005 - Reboot your Monday!

This Monday morning, I woke up feeling especially lousy. 4.5 hours of sleep, no clean clothes, and I was out of NicoDerm Patches. To boot, my work office was more hectic than usual, and my co-workers [read more ...]

Tags: humor life-hack

10/24/2005 - [ forever fubar ]

[ this post was accidentally obliterated by an impaired blogger. ] [read more ...]

Tags: wtf

10/22/2005 - Caffeine-ville?

When I woke up early this morning, I set about making the morning coffee. As I ground up my gourmet Aroma coffee of Santa Fe, I began to hear Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville playing in my imagination. D [read more ...]

Tags: caffeine coffee

10/21/2005 - Cuz it's Friday!

Ahhh... I'm looking forward to a night away from the computer tonight. Just me, my lovely girlfriend, and a bottle of Jameson's. Well, okay. I'll probably spend a little time at the computer. Okay, [read more ...]

Tags: whiskey humor

10/19/2005 - More Internet Explorer / CSS what the ....

Okay. I'm really starting to get tired of these IE CSS quirks that keep popping up at really inopportune moments. Check out this example page in Firefox and Internet Explorer and note the difference. [read more ...]

Tags: development browser css

10/14/2005 - Internet Explorer sucks more every day

Every day, it seems like I discover some neato feature of Firefox, and another bug with Internet Explorer. I'm working right now on re-designing the home page of the New Mexico Department of Transpo [read more ...]