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02/26/2006 - I am stupid - redux

So last night I get this bright idea: Wipe my new Dell computer's hard drive and install WinXP Pro. No big deal, right? I got to the screen that allows you to format partitions. I noticed a large 80 G [read more ...]

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02/21/2006 - Andy Woodman's Blog / CSS Reboot

Let me tell you a little bit about Andy... He's a technophile, pianist, berzerker, handyman, whiskey man and a ROCKER. This man is my brother, and he's got a blog. I found all 4 entries riotously fu [read more ...]

Tags: css family

02/12/2006 - The best-laid plans...

I had planned to be really productive this weekend: I have some code to write, a website to work on for somebody, and plenty of household chores.... So how did I spend my time? Three words: Call Of D [read more ...]


02/04/2006 - New toy! YAY!

I am writing this from my brand-new, ultra-spiffy Dell Inspiron laptop, a gift from The Dark Priestess. This is such a sleek machine - extra wide 1280x800 resolution, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, and fast. It runs [read more ...]

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