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Jolly Saint Patrick's Day!

Posted: 03/17/2007 05:12 PM | permaLink

Tags: whiskey holiday beer

It's a fine St. Patty's day in Santa Fe! The skies are a little overcast, which tends to bring out the green in the environment, IMHO. The weather is warm enough that I don't have to wear a jacket, which is unusual for this time of year. After I post this entry, I'm going to go out back and make another lame attempt at dancing a jig, mostly for the amusement of my girlfriend. Let's hope I don't hurt myself.

Ya know, my brother and sister are hardcore Guiness people. I imagine right now that both of them are either drinking Guiness or out buying it to drink it later. More power to 'em. I'll personally be enjoying some Irish coffee for now, and some dark beer later. (I don't have to go ANYWHERE!) Andy and Claudia, me glass is up to ye. Cheers!

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