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07/29/2006 - Tales of a Game Addict

My girlfriend and I returned from Wyoming this week. We had a great trip, and it was a helluvalotta fun to meet my aunt Belle! She is an extremely interesting and cool person! In fact, we didn't end u [read more ...]

Tags: gaming travel

07/21/2006 - Vacation!?

Ho ho. I am now officially halfway through Friday, and then I am On Vacation for an entire week. Hell yes. This country boy is returning to his Wyoming roots for a few days of rootin' tootin' cowboy f [read more ...]

Tags: humor travel frontier-days punk-rock

07/16/2006 - Sony Network Walkman

I bought a network walkman this weekend (1GB). THE VERDICT: I really like the physical interface to the walkman, and the general aesthetics of the player. It's got an organic luminescent display that [read more ...]

Tags: tech toys

07/11/2006 - Seaweed Snacks / New Design Forthcoming

Many thanks to Claudia for the awesome gift box containing seaweed snacks, JTHM director's cut!!! SO COOL!, and old-school science fiction! (Note: DO NOT go to looking for the official Johnny [read more ...]

Tags: web-design jthm

07/05/2006 - Four on the Floor for the Fourth

Another vacation day that I spent working instead of slacking off! (Slaps self) Being that it's a holiday and all, I'm getting ready to sign off the computer for the evening. I've been developing a t [read more ...]

Tags: development holiday joomla