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IE 5.5 / New Portfolio

Posted: 06/09/2006 01:54 PM | permaLink

Tags: development browser css


I've noticed a lot of IE 5.5 visitors in my logs lately. So, I'm really curious as to how my site actually looks with IE 5.5 (I didn't test the site with that version). I also haven't seen how it looks in Safari or Opera...

So if you're using IE 5.5 (or Safari or Opera), drop me a comment, and let me know how things look... PLEASE!!

What else is new? My new Flash Portfolio is almost done.... I'll put the finishing touches on it this weekend (either that, or I'll trash it completely and do something entirely different... one never knows).

CSS Reboot / Glenfiddich Nights

Posted: 05/02/2006 07:31 PM | permaLink

Tags: browser css-reboot

Well, I have (mostly) recovered from my trip to Las Cruces, and now that the CSS Reboot website is back up and running, I've been enjoying the unusual amount of attention that the reboot brings. I've gotten a lot of visitors, but not that much feedback/constructive criticism (hint, hint). Be forewarned, however: I already know it looks like shit in Nutscrape 4, and I DON'T CARE!

If you want, take a moment and rate my website.

There are over 1,000 sites rebooting this year... it will probably take me a week and a fifth of scotch before I get a chance to look at all of them. There are many that I've seen so far that are VERY cool. The european contingent seems to have made a particulary strong showing - you uber-artistic bastards! Makes me want to move to Ireland or something... maybe some of that suave European mojo will rub off on me.

I apologize to visitors that my hand-rolled blogging utility doesn't have a URL field in the comment form. I was mostly pretty intoxicated while I was writing the app, and I forgot... (slaps self)

More Internet Explorer / CSS what the ....

Posted: 10/19/2005 05:48 PM | permaLink

Tags: development browser css

Okay. I'm really starting to get tired of these IE CSS quirks that keep popping up at really inopportune moments. Check out this example page in Firefox and Internet Explorer and note the difference. Does anyone know a) which browser is using the correct behavior (my bet is with firefox, of course), and b) is there a CSS hack that can make this type of scenario display consistently cross-browser?
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