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Ode to Pilates - A Haiku

Posted: 03/18/2011 03:13 PM | permaLink | Comment on this entry!

Tags: personal humor exercise

I am now quite sure

Joe Pilates is Satan.

Damn, my stomach hurts!

Nightmare Monkey

Posted: 07/05/2010 10:29 PM | permaLink

Tags: humor animals

This picture scares me horribly. Please, don't ever let me see this monkey in person.


Blogging: The Craft versus The Format

Posted: 02/22/2009 09:06 PM | permaLink | Comment on this entry!

Tags: humor blogging

Picture of Jeff by Mutt Mitt kiosk.
Northern Colorado Convenience

Writing a good blog is freaking hard!

While out on the web looking for blog-authoring tips, I came across this: The Top 10 Blogs for Writers ( There are some good, helpful articles linked there that give some pretty good tips on the craft of blogging. And, don’t kid yourself: Blogging is a craft, and the best bloggers are artisans in their own right.

I happen to know at least a couple of people who run compelling, successful blogs that enjoy high readership. One factor to the success of these blogs, in my opinion, is the fact that the authors in these cases are literature geeks or professional journalists, which implies that the authors have actual formal training in writing. Posts by these authors tend to be interesting to read, thought-provoking or controversial, and encourage reader feedback.

Or, the blogger has a lot of cute LOLCat pictures. Whatever.

From a techie standpoint, I love the convenience of the weblog format: I can publish content to my site with nothing other than a web browser. Using tags, I can categorize my content and generate a neato tag cloud thingie (right). Syndication via RSS allows for really cool possibilites, too: for example, my parents will probably never remember my weird website address. They sure like Yahoo though, and I can plug my RSS feed into their My Yahoo pages, and they are instantly up-to-date on what I’m writing (or not writing.... ummm....)

After three-ish years of maintaining this weblog, I feel comfortable saying that I will not be a super-star blogger. For one, I usually only feel like writing blog entries when I’ve been drinking. I don’t have a set frequency to my posts; I just write "when the spirit moves me". If I feel pressured to hammer out a blog post every week, the end result is worthless. Really, this entire website is a hobby, and hobbies should be fun, not tedious.

Secondly, I enjoy reading blogs a lot more than writing them.

Thirdly, I had much more fun creating the machinery that hosts and runs this blog than I’ve ever had writing a blog post. I guess that’s why I’m a developer and not a novelist.

Just so you know, I’m not giving up blogging. I simply have more respect for good bloggers these days, and am taking any and all pressure off of myself to post anything truly thought-provoking or noteworthy. I’ll keep this blog going as place to post general updates, thoughts, opinions, and photos. And - in case you’re wondering - I will probably continue to write most posts after I’ve been drinking.

Talk Like A Pirate 2008

Posted: 09/19/2008 06:34 PM | permaLink | Comment on this entry!

Tags: humor mini-cooper pirate-day

Sheesh! It has been far too long... I don’t know whether to pat myself on the back for getting another blog entry in before September ends, or to chide myself allowing more than a month to pass in-between blog entries!

Anyway, the reason for this post is simply to inform you that it’s September 19th: Talk Like A Pirate Day! This time, even Google’s gotten in on the pirate action! You know... you really should take advantage of the only opportunity this year to call your boss a Scurvy Dog, Bilge Rat, or even Scallywag, and get away with it! (Is "scallywag" a pirate word? I don’t know. Let’s pretend that it is, for the time being. Let’s also pretend that your boss will actually let you call her/him that without consequences... sweet!)

I still have me pirate eyepatch here at work from last year's Pirate Day. Yes, I am wearing it. I had to take off me pirate spectacles to wear it though, so you can just call me "Reddish-Brown Beard: The Cyclopic Myopic Scourge of the Seven Seas"! Arrr...

In other news, I picked up my 2009 MINI John Cooper Works hardtop! It is way too fast, and way too cool, for a ragged buccaneer such as myself. But, I love it anyway! It is beautiful. I’ll post pictures soon. Happy Friday, and happy swashbuckling!

Missing A Nice Lil' Kitty?

Posted: 06/10/2008 01:41 PM | permaLink | Comment on this entry!

Tags: humor signage

Picture of Missing Cat.

Okay, this is just a short post to explain the above photo:

My sister snapped this photo in Denver that was posted in someone’s shop... At first glance, it looks like your typical "Pet Found" ad... Except that this is not a cat! As near as I can tell, it's an Opossum.

Either the person who made this is an evil, brilliant genius, or very, very confused... My favorite part? "Not very friendly! I think he might be scared :-(" HA HA HA!!!!

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