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03/24/2007 - The Straight Dope

So this teenage kid and his mammy were standin' in front of me in line at Walgr**ns. He says to his mom, 'I gotta start shaving. Clean-shaven men get all the best jobs.' And here I am, lookin' a [read more ...]

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03/17/2007 - Jolly Saint Patrick's Day!

It's a fine St. Patty's day in Santa Fe! The skies are a little overcast, which tends to bring out the green in the environment, IMHO. The weather is warm enough that I don't have to wear a jacket, wh [read more ...]

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03/04/2007 - Forward to 30!

It's the day before my 30th birthday, and I'm feeling introspective. I'm not feeling an overwhelming despair at the loss of my youth, or some pressing need to begin emulating adult behavior. Simply p [read more ...]

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