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Let's Make It

Posted: 06/24/2007 07:34 PM | permaLink

Tags: gaming coffee tech blog reading

I received my first issue of Make magazine this week(thanks for the subscription, Claudia!). Pretty cool stuff - It seems to cover do-it-yourself tech projects running the gamut from building your own electrical circuits to home automation. I haven't had time to read the magazine in depth, but it's a good hefty size and looks promising!

I've pretty much got a working prototype of what my new weblogger will be!!! I made the decision today to go ahead with the final project, which will be forthcoming very soon (Now that I've got all of the architectural quandries sorted out....).

Whew! I will be glad do be done with that and moving on to something else. I think it's ironic that I've spent all of this time writing a weblogger for this site when, in actuality, I'm not that in to blogging, per se. It's a convenient way of updating the website content but I'm not that into online culture and I'm not a very compelling blogger, he he. Anyway, I'm prattling on, so I'll say good day!

Now: Coding, drinking coffee.

Later: SOCOM 3, Tekken 5, gyro sandwich.

Death by Coding

Posted: 04/01/2007 05:35 PM | permaLink

Tags: development blog training

Well, first I'll have to say that my new weblogger is much closer to completion now, with mad props to the folks over at Interface Technical Training (Phoenix, AZ). I attended their ASP.Net class here in Santa Fe last week. Aside from the normal course materials (which were excellent), both instructors helped me out with some architectural issues I had with the weblogger application.

Anyway, the class got me totally pumped to code, so I've been up late all week doing that stuff. I's tired today...

Peace out to anonymousrobot (congrats on the new machine!) and impoverishedcook (Congrats on the new job!)

The Straight Dope

Posted: 03/24/2007 02:03 AM | permaLink

Tags: development personal humor blog

So this teenage kid and his mammy were standin' in front of me in line at Walgr**ns. He says to his mom, 'I gotta start shaving. Clean-shaven men get all the best jobs.'

And here I am, lookin' all haggard with 3 days worth of stubble and camo pants on.... wild-ass hair... so I say to the mammy: 'Well, I guess I'm outta luck!' And the mom says - I love this part - 'Oh, you see, my son means a STRAIGHT job.'

Ho ho.

Anyway, I found this link at leftslipper's website while searching for how to bind an ObjectDataSource to an object factory. The article not only told me what I needed to keep my new weblogger project rolling, but offers an alternative way to handle objects: namely acquiring them rather than constantly creating and destroying them.

Fish Heads.

Posted: 12/24/2006 05:52 PM | permaLink

Tags: humor blog weird rant

Okay, SOMEBODY sent me a link to the Fish Heads video on this morning, with the expressed intention that I view the video before I had coffee this morning. EVIL! I must admit that the video is quite delightfully twisted, though.

Note to spammerz: F*** off! It looks like I'm going to have to expedite the production of my new blogger... The current one, which I wrote before actually learning about blog programs and what they're supposed to do, doesn't allow me to moderate comments, or delete them for that matter! Bleh. I am stupid like that sometimes. My new blogger will be much better!

Now: writing code, drinking coffee. Later: writing code, drinking whiskey.

Author's Footnote: Four days after I posted this entry, the post got spammed, bad. Like 39 spam comments in 24 hours bad. Hence the mysterious absence of the comment form. There's one comment left that LOOKS like spam, but I think it's from my brother instead, ha ha.

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