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01/26/2007 - Jeff.Update

All is quiet in my temporary autonomous zone tonight; I thought I'd give a shout for Robert Anton Wilson, who died recently. I've read some of his work, and I gotta say that I dig what I read. I'll mi [read more ...]

Tags: personal reading robert-anton-wilson

01/21/2007 - Declaration of Sober Blogging

Okay, I guess an explaniation/apology to my audience is in order for my last weblog entry. So here goes: I, Jeff Woodman, do humbly apologize to my readers for irresponsibly authoring website content [read more ...]

Tags: whiskey humor

01/17/2007 - Revert, Resort, Reverb.

Ill Banana Pill Swill, Spill, Steal. Gnokkity-Foo with a pile of rocks. [read more ...]

Tags: poetry wtf

01/12/2007 - Where I'm At

Happy New Year! May 2007 be easy on you. Here's a quick status for those who need to know: 1. Phone line is still on the fritz. It started working this morning, and then promptly stopped again. 2. [read more ...]

Tags: personal tech work