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05/25/2006 - Enron is Toast!

New code sample: Sortable AJAX Grid I saw on the news today that the Enron Top Dawgs were convicted. Hell yeah! Whether or not they get appropriate sentences... well, that's another matter entirely. [read more ...]

Tags: development personal ajax xml

05/21/2006 - Sunday: Day of... Toil?

Dammit, I always get that one wrong! Hehehe... I got bored with tweaking my messed-up sitemap this morning and decided to write a code sample: ASP XML Proxy. This script retrieves an XML feed server-s [read more ...]

Tags: development ajax

05/15/2006 - Grrr! Mondays...

First: I am having a weird IE/CSS problem on my sitemap page. Basically a tricked-out unordered list, with images on the listitem tags. In IE, when I roll over a link, the image on the listitem undern [read more ...]

Tags: personal

05/11/2006 - Yet Another Conference!

I just found out that I'm enlisted to help with A/V support at another conference in Albuquerque... starting Monday and ending Thursday... I was looking forward to a couple of days off next week, but [read more ...]

Tags: i-ching

05/02/2006 - CSS Reboot / Glenfiddich Nights

Well, I have (mostly) recovered from my trip to Las Cruces, and now that the CSS Reboot website is back up and running, I've been enjoying the unusual amount of attention that the reboot brings. I'v [read more ...]

Tags: browser css-reboot

05/01/2006 - rebooted!

Well, May 1st has come, and I have launched my new Whiskey themed web design. I'll warn you, I am still ironing out problems here and there, but for the most part I am very happy with it... I returned [read more ...]

Tags: whiskey css-reboot