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On Coding Life Away

Posted: 05/09/2010 01:30 PM | permaLink

Tags: personal tech geek-love

Picture of T-Shirt
Will someone please buy me this shirt?

Sometimes, I embody what the pictured shirt says. Every few months or so, I become obsessed over some programming project and spend almost all of my free time working on it until it's done. That's how this weblog, and the website it sits on, came into being in the first place.

Is this a good way to work? I'm not sure. One one hand, single-minded focus can be handy, because it makes it easier for me to push through and complete large bodies of code. I tend to overdo caffeine and sacrifice too much sleep during my code-a-thons, though, and it becomes more difficult to communicate with other humanoids when I've got code on the brain constantly.

I manage to get a little balance in my life by simply going months and months without doing any techie-type stuff at home. It's a feast-or-famine approach, I guess, but there really is more to life than just the internet. Seriously. Someone told me that, and I believe it.

You'll see a new design for my website appear this summer, the details of which are still quite secret. I have a couple of smaller code project planned as well. However, I am devoting most of the summer to non-techie stuff, such as looking for a house, marksmanship, taking care of our awesome dogs (see: my flickr account), and some awesome summer concerts (Iron Maiden/Dream Theater in June, and also RUSH! in June).

Today, I will be getting some sun in my backyard... mandatory sun, as I must bring the rule of law to my yard with my mighty weed-trimmer. As the weeds are trimmed, so too must beer be consumed. If you're a home-coding geek, reading this post: How do you like to work? How do you achieve balance? Do you try to? Tell me.

Chipset Issue (Booo)

Posted: 11/06/2009 10:14 AM | permaLink

Tags: tech gadgets

I recently re-installed Windows on to my Dell Inspiron 6000 machine, with a new hard drive. I reformatted the disk fully and used the NTFS option for filesystem.

After re-installing Windows, and then all of the drivers, the machine is noticably slower than it should be. I think I may have figured out what the problem is from a forum post out there (Allan - posted Oct 25) - after reading that, I googled "dell inspiron", "chipset driver first". I found good evidence that it's important to install the Dell chipset driver first, because it has some effect on subsequent driver installations.

Dang. I'm not sure if I installed that one first or not. So, I'm going to have to back up all my stuffs again, wipe the disk and reinstall. If the correct driver installation helps, I'll post the results!

p.s. The batteries in my mouse just died. A sign? -Jeff

Jeff Woodman Is Back Online

Posted: 06/16/2009 07:38 PM | permaLink

Tags: personal tech geek-love

I received the new hard drive for my laptop last week, reinstalled windows and a ton of other stuff, and now I am back online and happy.

The summer here in Santa Fe has (so far) been amazingly cool and temperate... 81 degrees is about as hot as I have seen it get so far. Plus, we have had lots of rain so far. Sweet!

My weblog tool is apparently incompatible with Internet Explorer 8... My WSIWYG editor is ominously absent, so I am hard-coding some XHTML here. Excuse the brevity. See you in cyberspace.

- Jeff Woodman

Let's Make It

Posted: 06/24/2007 07:34 PM | permaLink

Tags: gaming coffee tech blog reading

I received my first issue of Make magazine this week(thanks for the subscription, Claudia!). Pretty cool stuff - It seems to cover do-it-yourself tech projects running the gamut from building your own electrical circuits to home automation. I haven't had time to read the magazine in depth, but it's a good hefty size and looks promising!

I've pretty much got a working prototype of what my new weblogger will be!!! I made the decision today to go ahead with the final project, which will be forthcoming very soon (Now that I've got all of the architectural quandries sorted out....).

Whew! I will be glad do be done with that and moving on to something else. I think it's ironic that I've spent all of this time writing a weblogger for this site when, in actuality, I'm not that in to blogging, per se. It's a convenient way of updating the website content but I'm not that into online culture and I'm not a very compelling blogger, he he. Anyway, I'm prattling on, so I'll say good day!

Now: Coding, drinking coffee.

Later: SOCOM 3, Tekken 5, gyro sandwich.

Adventures in Databinding

Posted: 02/10/2007 06:23 PM | permaLink

Tags: development tech

Here are a couple of ASP.Net databinding / formatting tricks I've picked up recently:

1. I recently had to bind to a telephone number in a GridView that was stored in the database as a 10-character string. I ran into problems trying to use a DataFormatString property to format the output as (555) 555.5555. Turns out that format strings generally work better with numbers than strings.... duh.

C# Solution: Convert.ToInt64(string).ToString('(000) 000.0000') did the trick. I can't remember where I found the solution, but it's really useful! Sure beats writing a custom method to re-format the number.

2. When using a BoundField to display a DateTime, the DataFormatString property will only work when the HtmlEncode property is set to false.

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