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Get your WWJD Thong Today!

Posted: 06/06/2006 10:52 PM | permaLink

Tags: humor religion

I'm salivating as I'm typing this post, because Lisa is cooking up veal in the kitchen.... I've never actually had veal before, but it smells dee-licious.

If you're into satirical humor, you might want to check out Landover Baptist Ministries. I came across this site on the net while researching Wicca for a class once... they had this absurd article about identifying Wiccans by their urinary patterns (because we all know that wiccans have genital piercings to split the urine stream into 3 streams - to mock the Trinity, of course), and I've also seen an article in the past condemning Frodo Baggins and Sam's illicit homosexual affair.

One of the site's best features is its well-stocked online store. There were many things that you couldn't find anywhere else. I mean, where else is one to purchase the What Would Jesus Do Thong Panty?

I browsed their e-mail archive section for a while, and it seems many people mistake Landover Baptist Ministries for a bonafide Christian organization. Other people denounce them for being hypocritical christians, threaten beat-downs, etc. All quite amusing... unless you're a Christian, I guess.

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