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03/24/2006 - Guns and Whiskey

I have re-kindled my love affair with firearms. We flirted in high school, and even had a few secret liasons. Over the years, though, we grew apart . The memory of the fun we had grew dim - the sweet [read more ...]

Tags: whiskey

03/12/2006 - OpenID?

I read about something called OpenID yesterday - basically a way to show identity vis-a-vis your personal URL. I have been having trouble finding how-to information, not to mention information on how [read more ...]

Tags: tech openid

03/07/2006 - Eat. Sleep. Drink.

It was my birthday on Sunday. 29 years on this earth seems like a long time, but lately time just flies faster and faster. Or is it that the room just spins faster? (I spent my birthday being inebriat [read more ...]

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