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Posted: 11/27/2006 01:10 AM | permaLink

Tags: holiday cinema donnie-darko

I took this last week off work. It was frickin' awesome. I feel kinda lazy, though: I spent the entire week off playing playstation and eating out. Not to mention sleeping in and getting drunk in the middle of the day. Whee! It's fun to grill drunk in your pajamas!

I had a bachelor's thanksgiving this year! Might sound depressing, but I had a pretty good time. Watched Donnie Darko (for what must the 50th time or so), drank beer, and, sneering in the face of hallowed holiday tradition, I opted for steak and beer instead of turkey. I grilled the steak and served it smothered in sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I wish I could extend mine for a couple more days!

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