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Announcing jeff woodman dot com

Posted: 03/23/2014 02:44 PM | permaLink

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Hello, World!

Today marks a milestone, as I publish my first log entry on my new public website – To be correct, the website is not officially “live” yet. I still need to perform a number of tweaks and optimizations to the current design – but I’m very happy with the overall theme.

I’ve maintained some form of personal website since the late nineties. I do this purely for the love of internet tech, and have used my personal sites to make any money. In 2005, I created my first personal domain, Around this time, I was heavily into web standards and web 2.0, and wanted to cut my teeth with object-oriented programming techniques. I found designing and building the site and its related applications to be highly educational and valuable.

Nine years later, is still online.  :-(  I’m honestly going to be a little sad when it finally goes dark, but nothing on the ‘net ever really dies…

- Jeff Woodman – SFNM|USA

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