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Talk Like A Pirate 2008

Posted: 09/19/2008 06:34 PM | permaLink | Comment on this entry!

Tags: humor mini-cooper pirate-day

Sheesh! It has been far too long... I don’t know whether to pat myself on the back for getting another blog entry in before September ends, or to chide myself allowing more than a month to pass in-between blog entries!

Anyway, the reason for this post is simply to inform you that it’s September 19th: Talk Like A Pirate Day! This time, even Google’s gotten in on the pirate action! You know... you really should take advantage of the only opportunity this year to call your boss a Scurvy Dog, Bilge Rat, or even Scallywag, and get away with it! (Is "scallywag" a pirate word? I don’t know. Let’s pretend that it is, for the time being. Let’s also pretend that your boss will actually let you call her/him that without consequences... sweet!)

I still have me pirate eyepatch here at work from last year's Pirate Day. Yes, I am wearing it. I had to take off me pirate spectacles to wear it though, so you can just call me "Reddish-Brown Beard: The Cyclopic Myopic Scourge of the Seven Seas"! Arrr...

In other news, I picked up my 2009 MINI John Cooper Works hardtop! It is way too fast, and way too cool, for a ragged buccaneer such as myself. But, I love it anyway! It is beautiful. I’ll post pictures soon. Happy Friday, and happy swashbuckling!

Talk Like A Pirate

Posted: 09/17/2006 05:04 PM | permaLink

Tags: humor pirate-day


As you lounge at home, or in your comfy ergonomic cubicle-womb, I hope you will take a moment of quiet contemplation to remember those nobly-dressed scoundrels who, in the name of avaricious self-advancement, carved their very countenances on the face of history... who forever set the standard for any rag-tag, adventurous, smelly band of swashbucklers that would seek to call themselves Pirates!

The O.G. Scurvy Dogs... The men who proved that you could stand on the high mast of schooner in a purple silk tunic and STILL intimidate people! The men who proved that beardliness IS more important than oral hygeine... these are the true poseidons, the real Gods of the Sea.

And in my opinion, men like Blackbeard put the two-bit, misguided, whacky Somali pirates of today to shame. STYLE COUNTS in the pirate universe, and that is why a bunch of angry young AK-wielding whackjobs in a motorboat just don't cut the mustard.

Don't forget: National Talk-like-a-Pirate Day is Tuesday, 19 September. ARRRR!

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