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Death by Coding

Posted: 04/01/2007 05:35 PM | permaLink

Tags: development blog training

Well, first I'll have to say that my new weblogger is much closer to completion now, with mad props to the folks over at Interface Technical Training (Phoenix, AZ). I attended their ASP.Net class here in Santa Fe last week. Aside from the normal course materials (which were excellent), both instructors helped me out with some architectural issues I had with the weblogger application.

Anyway, the class got me totally pumped to code, so I've been up late all week doing that stuff. I's tired today...

Peace out to anonymousrobot (congrats on the new machine!) and impoverishedcook (Congrats on the new job!)

IIS 6.0 training

Posted: 02/24/2007 07:09 PM | permaLink

Tags: training props

This last week I attended IIS 6.0 training (MS 2576A) that was offered by Interface Technical Training out of Phoenix, AZ. I've gotta say that I wasn't disappointed, even though I've been elbow-deep in IIS 6 for a couple of years now.

The instructor did SUCH a good job of showing how to secure the server and why, that I left the class feeling considerably more paranoid of the threats that are out in the wild, but also more confident in my ability to mitigate the threats.

This was my 3rd course from Interface, and in every case, the instructors exceeded my expectations by a long shot: no bland recitations of the official curriculum or BS responses to specific questions,and the instructors always know their stuff, inside and out. Good show... I would recommend Interface courses to anyone who really wants to get the most out of the coursework. Interface training isn't cheap, but their prices are pretty comparable to other outfits, and the quality of instruction is the best that I've experienced so far. (Need I mention that the training was catered? Kick azzzzz....)

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